06/27/2012 22:16

Thought Id be the first to comment since I wish I had a lot of your collection and you help all us Irbe fans add to our PCs. All the best, Justin

04/06/2013 09:32

How I can contact you?

04/06/2013 11:19

Just use the contact form on my homepage (preferred), or you can always email me at

Additionally, you can contact me via my username: IrbeFan4Life on Beckett, Sports Card Forum, Hobby Insider, Clouts N' Chara, and Ultimate Cardboard.

07/16/2012 20:15

I just wanted to say that you have an awesome collection. Hopefully my collection will equal this someday. You must be very proud of it.

04/06/2013 09:21

Nice site and Irbe collection! :) Have you visited my Irbe website?

Please contact me with email. Something to exchange or trade cards.

Brett Bedford
07/23/2013 13:18

Sweet website, glad I stumbled across you on the Beckett forum! Would love to get some nice Irbe cards from you someday to start my own Irbe collection and add to my Carolina collection too!


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